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LINC2019, Pärnu

Tuesday, 10 September

Opening ceremony

14.00–19.00 Registration and check-in at hotels Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Rannahotell, Tervise Paradiis

17.00 Opening ceremony in front of Mudaravila (Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu)

Welcome address – Mikk Pikkmets, Chairman of LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership

Mart Järvik, Minister of Rural Affairs of the Republic of Estonia

Romek Kosenkranius, Mayor of Pärnu

Procession along the beach promenade to the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (1 km)

19.00 Opening ceremony continues „10 yearsof LINC Conferences" at the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Jurmala Hall (Tammsaare puiestee 35, Pärnu)

Perfomers: bagpipe ensemble Linnutaja, folk song and dance group from Kihnu Island, Wind Orchestra Saxon (conductor Kaido Kivi), dancer Jesper Muhu

Networking and Social Evening at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor), Karaoke


Wednesday, 11 September

Study tours and seminars

07.40–09.00 Buses depart for study tours 1–9

17.30–18.30 Arrival at hotels

19.00 Buses from Pärnu to Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre

19.30 Cooperation Corner Seminar at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre.

Perfomer: little choir Selja Lauluseltsing

20.30 Dinner and European buffet at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre, feedback seminar

23.00–24.00 Buses to hotels

COOPERATION CORNER Seminar 19.30–20.30. Read more

Organised by Estonian Rural Network and European Network for Rural Development

Introduction and ice-breaker

Presentation of Project ideas

Thematical presentations:

ENRD CP support to LEADER TNC – Peter Toth, ENRD Contact Point

LEADER TNC information on 3rd countries, LEADER cooperation opportunities – Karolina Jasińska, DG AGRI

Estonian LEADER TNC and rural tourism – Taavi Kurvits, Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs

launch of 'speed dating' session (two 3-minute rounds)



Thursday, 12 September

LINC Tori Hell LEADER triathlon

09.00 Buses from Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Rannahotell, Rannastaadioni Hostel, Tervise Paradiis

09.30 Tori Hell LEADER triathlon in Tori. Sports competitions, cooperation corner, local handicraft market, lunch

15.30 Buses to hotels

16.00–18.00 ELARD CLLD seminar in Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (Palanga Auditorium). Read more

19.00 Buses to Pärnu Concert Hall

19.30 Closing ceremony, concert and dinner at Pärnu Concert Hall

Perfomers: Ele Millistfer Group, Dance Group Lancy

22.00–23.00 Buses to hotels

Networking and Social Evening at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor)

Perfomer: Group Lõõtsavägilased, folk and traditional music


Friday, 13 September

Departure or Do you have time to stay longer in Estonia?

In addition to our LINC 2019 destinations, there is a lot to see and experience in the region. One of these is to visit the islands of Kihnu or Vormsi.


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